How to Play Quantum Blackjack

In fact, they’re only one of two software providers who dare try their hands at live casino tables with multipliers! When that article came up, we received a few requests to cover Quantum Blackjack in more detail. And you know us, dear readers. We have a hard time saying no to you!

So, in this article, we’ll cover the basics of Quantum Blackjack. How it works and what’s changed from regular blackjack. Let’s dive right in and take a closer look at this awesome Playtech release, shall we?

Starting with the Basics

Those among you who played blackjack before will have no trouble getting into Quantum Blackjack. If you haven’t played blackjack at all, we do recommend playing on a regular table before trying this one. The payouts there are smaller but more consistent.

Quantum Blackjack is played with eight card decks, which are shuffled after each round is completed. At the start of each round, up to three cards are selected to be multiplied. Each card can have a multiplier up to 10x. If you happen to have more than one multiplier in your hand, they multiply each other to produce the final payout. (10x X 10x = 100x)

Keep in mind; the multipliers only boost an existing win. So while you can have two multipliers in your hand, their effect only applies if you beat the dealer. In case of a push or a loss, the multipliers are useless.

For the most part, you can play Quantum Blackjack with very few adjustments to your strategy. You just need to account for the fact a three-card bust is now a dealer push instead. In case this happens, your stake will be returned to you. If a multiplier is active, the multiplier will pay instead. Like with every multiplier win, your stake is not returned to you.

Worth the Multipliers?

It can certainly feel like you’re banging your head against the wall. The inclusion of multipliers and a chance for big wins can make this blackjack table feel more like a slot at times. It’s all a string of pushes and losses until you get a big win that helps you bounce back!

The reason for this is simple: getting a win is harder by default! Forcing a three-card bust on the dealer is no longer a viable way to win. That method only gets you your money back, unless you were lucky enough to have a multiplier.

Rarer wins doesn’t mean you’re being cheated, however. Playtech lists the RTP at 99.47%, so there’s no sneaky nerf applied here. So long as you stick to the basic blackjack strategies and play smart, you’ll find it all evens out in the long run.

Side Bets

We love the multipliers, but they’re not the only extra mechanic here. There are two more side bets that you can use to boost your wins.

First up is Perfect Pairs. If your first two dealt cards form a pair, you get a payout! A mixed pair is worth 6:1, while a pair with matching colours is worth 12:1. A perfect pair, where both colour and suit match, will pay 25:1.

Second on the list is 21+3. Your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card need to form a three-card poker hand. If they do, you receive a cash prize! The maximum this special feature can pay is 100;1 for a suited three of a kind.

Unfortunately, multipliers don’t apply to any of the side bet wins. Also, keep in mind that side bets are suboptimal plays. If you want to keep your RTP as high as possible, you don’t want to play them.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s Quantum Blackjack. A game with incredible winning potential that can grant prizes up to 1000x per round! Despite those mouth-watering prizes, it still keeps a solid 99.47% RTP, too. There’s no denying Playtech’s release has a higher volatility than regular blackjack.

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